Center for Female Continence

Derek D. Kaznoski, MD FACOG

  1178 Shepherdstown Road Martinsburg, WV 25404   Call (844)-DRYNESS      


  • Relaxed, friendly initial consultation
    • New patient visits are allotted at least 30 minutes face to face with the doctor so we can really get to know you and your needs. There is usually no pelvic examination during the initial visit unless the patient requests it.
  • Comprehensive bladder function testing
    • We employ complex four-channel urodynamics testing with fiberoptic technology to help ensure the most accurate diagnosis
  • Non-surgical options
    • Prescription of medication when indicated
    • Vaginal support devices (pessary)
    • Office-based external neurostimulation when medication unsuccessful (percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation, or PTNS)
  • Surgical options
    • Single-incision incontinence sling procedures
      • A single 20-30 millimeter incision (vaginal only, no abdominal or groin incisions), highly effective, permanent, 15-minute outpatient surgery (for leakage with cough/sneeze/laugh)
    • Reconstruction of any other encountered vaginal support defects ("dropping bladder or rectum", "vaginal prolapse")
    • Implantation of permanent sacral neurostimulator (for uncontrollable urge incontinence and/or urinary frequency)